For Discussion: Petition Calls For Hollyweird Darling Lupita Nyong’o To Replace Halle Berry In New ‘X-Men’ Flick



Who should play Storm?

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The Compilation

I am to love all but not expected to be loved in return

I am no prize

Dark brown clothes of silk pressed against white bones

Gentle eyes that have seen pressures

Smiles from a distance

Pride in my ancestry

Praises to my Lord for guidance

My Father’s daughter

But my Mother’s reflection

There is no Crayola my tone

I am a clash of the more fill effect

Chocolate drops from the inner me

I am a coalition of passion and literature

The child of the walkers of the movement

Attempting to be the resolution of the dream

Finding myself within myself on a daily basis

A new puzzle piece to the mosaic of the mind

The Black experience is the human experience

An experience of understanding nature at its core

And what that nature means to you

I am a celebration of life in every nation but my own

 – Toni Jo.