The Moment

He was standing there in the middle of our hotel room staring at me as I walked out of the bathroom. It made me question whether or not I had splashed water on my t shirt. It is grey after all and it would have been easily noticeable. He walked closer and grabbed me around my waist, sliding his finger tips in the loo[s of my jeans. He brought his face my neck and said “We’re going out.” His smooth and deepened voice ran through me like a bolt. I was heated. I never thought that Chris could have this type of affect on me but he did. I loved every minute.

 It had been a long trip from the coast to Memphis and I was excited about exploring a new city. Unfortunately, since Chris failed to mention that we were going out of town I didn’t pack a single thing. But before I could let out my grievances I heard, “We’re going shopping you need clothes.”


To be continued


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