What Comes Next?

My thoughts on the People vs. ZImmerman case:

I have seen several people post “What comes next after the rallies?”

A lot of people have critized others for their concern in this case. They have posted things such as “Why is this case so important when black people die everyday? Why aren’t you all upset about those cases as wells?” The answer is that we are upset about each individual case that we come into contact with. This just so happened to be a publicized case because of the effort put forth by Trayvon’s family members and his community to receive a trail for the murder of their son. 

As a people, we tend to spend time being critical each other for their beliefs or the lack thereof instead of finding new ways to combat the negatives of society. We p\must understand that we are a democratic people governed by a republic. Which means we democratically elect officials to make and vote on laws that will govern our community. 


What is next? In my opinion, what comes next is the education of our laws, our government, and our legal system. Don’t just complain, don’t just talk, but DO! Do find out the laws that govern your state. Do find out the laws that govern this nation. Do understand how the legal system works. Do get an understanding of why wordings are so critical to your well-being. 

Laws are made for circumstances of the time period. They should be reviewed and subject to change regularly for the good of the people. For this to happen the people must began engaged in the system. It is more than what affects you at the moment but what will affect you in the future. 

It begins where you live, where you work, and where you attend school. If you do not have a hand in the progression and understanding of your own environment you cannot change and progress the entire nation. Began at home. 

John Jacques Rousseu said that “Individual are forced to be free.” He believed in the idea of general will, which considers the best interest of the population as a whole instead of each individual need. When will we realize that we are apart of the population. By law we are the minority but by numbers we are growth. We are the possible change if we take the necessary steps. We are more than just the minority voice. We are the reflection of the people.


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