Identity Struggle; A mixture of thoughts

Warning: This post may not hold any type of structure. I am writing as thoughts occur. This is my brainstorm of the Black/African American debate. 


During the period of exploration and settlement the African slave trade was formed. Africans were stolen and sold from their homeland to Europeans who settled in North America. Africans were sold to the French, the British, and the Dutch. Africans began to be recognized as goods/merchandise. The color of their skin marked them as a slaved people. This was the first time that enslavement was equal to the color of a person’s skin.

As Africans lived as slaves in the Americas an intermingle of ethnicity began. Africans/Dutch/French/British/Native Americans/Spanish thus over the years the black identity was born. 

Over time those who identified themselves as having African ancestors have struggled with what to call themselves as a whole. Negro, Black, Afro-Negro, African American. 

It is true that people tend to relate more with those that they resemble. Those with mixed heritage may have confusion about what to mark on a standardized test because in their blood runs several countries.

Black “Race”= A mixture of cultures. (My personal definition) 

What is the “Black Culture?” Does is depend on the area you were born? What binds all black people together? One could say the color of our skin but dark skin has different shades. We tend to discriminate against each other because of our shade differences. 

Who are we really as a people? As stated earlier we began our journey in America as commercial property. How much of that has changed? We seem to still be marketing our culture(although we have no concrete explanation for what that truly looks and feels like). All of our similarities seem to co-exist with negativity or a struggle. Are we too busy marketing ourselves to truly develop the positive?

It’s that 1% drop law.

Does the wording of who we are control how we feel about ourselves as a people?

Are we doomed to be forever confused on our identity?

Who do you identify with?

Is who you identify with a natural thing to your psyche or does it depend on you society?


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