The Change

“Hey Jane! Where have you been? It’s been almost two weeks and no one has heard from you.”

“Hey April. I know. I know. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“You better tell me something.”

Jane knew that if anyone was going to question her about where she had been for the past eleven days it would be her twin sister April. Ever since there parents died April has been quite over protective. But Jane just needed to get away. She needed a safe and quiet place where she could think and not have her thoughts interrupted by her sister. April has had the ability to read minds since they were 10. Jane however had not been graced with such abilities until now. At the age of 16 Jane’s body began to change. She knew she had to figure things out on her own and for once without April.

“OMG Jane! You can do what?”

“You just couldn’t help yourself could you April? You never let me tell you anything in my own way. You just invade my privacy as though I’m your personal book to read! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”


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