#BlackLivesMatter: Activists Run Up On Hillary Clinton And Grill Her About Her Role In Black Incarceration [Video]

#BlackLivesMatter: Activists Run Up On Hillary Clinton And Grill Her About Her Role In Black Incarceration [Video].


Look Into the Light

Feelings and Emotions

They tend to hit

Like a brick

Like Waves crushing

In a downward Spiral

You’re trying to float

Forgetting that you can swim

Too often we lose sight

Jesus is the way,

The Truth,

And the Light

The life jacket

In a time of need

The beacon of Hope

Unseen but felt

If only you can

Feel it

Know that it is there

Reach out and grasp

For its help

Even when it is the darkest

The Light is always there

Hands Touching Hands

Sometimes I find myself yearning

For a love that I don’t quite know how to explain

But it’s the way you look at a person

When they have your all

It’s almost painful to watch

Like you’re stepping off

And Letting Go

Every sense of you

To fall in Love with them

And they catch you

Lift you up so that you’re not truly lost

A sharing of yourself and them

A slow rock

A motion of peace

I’ve said it before

When Hands touch Hands

Woman to Woman

Woman to woman

Have you spent time with God lately?

Have you opened your Bible and read a few lines lately?

Took out your pen and paper

Highlight any lines lately?

Because woman to woman

I can’t call myself your friend

Without pouring life within

Life, being the word of God

You know the love of the creator

I can’t wait until later

Because later might cause you

To miss out on something greater

Woman to woman

Have you opened up your mind lately?

Experienced more than what we will eventually have to leave behind, lately?

Worked up an appetite for more than food

Have you gotten thirsty for God?

Filling your cup with

Esther, Ruth, Corinthians and Romans

Have you pitched a tent in Job?

Threw up your hands and fell into Psalms?

Read the rules of Proverbs

Have you gotten your revelation?

Because woman to woman

I want you to feed the Holy Spirit within

Let God hold your hand rather than men

Focus on how Christ loves us again and again and again

See, Woman to woman

If I don’t tell you about Christ

I could never call myself a true friend.

-Toni Jo

Systematic Writings

His writings are intricate

Each word falling into place

Perfect precession

You can see this clearly

With his poem

Billiards where he

Compiles geometry into trigonometry

Lining the pool stick perfectly with the cue sending it

Straight to the left corner

Pockets of your mind.

He is an engineered of words

You would swear he spent hours

On hours

On top of hours

In the library working on

A lyrical formula

Designed to create a new way of being

Inspiring and growing mathematically.

His sentences are word problems

You have to read between the lines

In order to get a straight answer

-Toni Jo